Themis Aranibar – Bio

Themis Aranibar has been writing and performing music and poetry since he was a young boy. He’s a natural born musician and writer who has taught himself to play the guitar and many of the beautiful traditional instruments indigenous to Bolivia. His fine singing voice is also a major additional part of what makes him generally appealing to a wide audience.


Not only that; Themis is an accomplished producer. He can see and hear what he wants to achieve musically, and knows how to make that happen very effectively and quickly in a modern studio environment. Almost all his music has been crafted by himself, in that way.

His style is diverse, and becoming more so as a result of naturally embracing a more expansive ‘life palette’ from maturing and settling more deeply into to his spiritual journey.

Themis has travelled extensively throughout his life, and played music in all the countries he has travelled through; Africa, Japan, the USA, of course his birth place, South America, and also Australia; where he now lives. He has received many music awards. Most notably, representing his country as a singer-songwriter for the “Australian International – Song Festival” in 1988 and placing runner up in the World Music category for the ‘Musicoz Challenge Australia’ in 2001 and 2003.

As a result of his relentless travelling, performing and having a family to care for, Themis rarely had the time or head-space to fully explore, consolidate and record all his music, to his standards, and then present that in a way that makes it accessible to his global followers, till now.

The magic of the digital age, and the World Wide Web, is that it is now very cost effective, and relatively simple, to achieve that goal; this website is what that is all about.

Welcome ~ Bien Venidos


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