For thousands of years we have used sounds and music to heal, soothe and give new meaning to our lives. Themis offers a unique opportunity to experience the maestro musician in a healing session that offers a huge array of sounds to tantalise the senses. Flutes, panpipes, charango, drums and an assortment of other instruments are played evoking the ancient healing melodies from the Andes as ancient as they are beautiful. The benefits of sound healing can be experienced as both group or individual more personalised sessions.

Group Sessions

Lie back and enjoy a sound bath of instruments, icaros, songs and rhythms. These sessions are suitable for people of all ages and can be incorporated into yoga and meditation sessions, workshops, private retreats, workplace sessions and clinical settings such as nursing homes and schools. Book a session

Individual Sessions

When you book a private session the sound healing will be performed based on your individual needs. Themis works intuitively to shift blockages and clear energies, these sessions can be powerfully transformative. Book a session


My sound healing experience with themis was fantastic.

Themis made me feel very comfortable, he discussed with me what some concerns may be within my life at the current time so that he could concentrate on any blockages and realising negative energies.

The musical instruments are incredible – and the way he plays his music is very heart felt and moving. I felt huge weights lifted and felt very uplifted and positive after my experience.

He sent me into a trance and I experienced many different emotions as the music filled my soul and moved through my body. I forget where I was and was able to relax and let go of any tension (I myself find this difficult so I was surprised at how effective it was).

The thing that makes the sound healing with themis so wonderful is that he not only can play music beautifully but he is very talented at balancing energy.

I would highly recommend Themis to everyone – and would certainly do sound healing with him again. I have no doubt he will go very far with it.


Alexandra Davids

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